Our Story



Ifiok Akpan, the CEO and Founder of M.A.Dkollection, leads an internationally recognized African-inspired clothing brand that ships its unique designs worldwide.

 A Nigerian-born British individual, Ifiok arrived in the UK in 2010 to pursue a master's degree in Information Technology (IT) Management. Despite her academic focus, her passion for fashion design and sewing remained constant. Commencing her sewing journey, she laid the foundation for M.A.Dkollection in 2016 where she managed the brand part-time alongside her corporate role as a Business Analyst. It wasn't until November 2020 that she made the bold decision to devote herself entirely to her brand after loosing her corporate role earlier in the year.

 Since then, M.A.Dkollection has undergone remarkable growth. Evolving from crafting unique designs to producing outfits, the brand now employs over 20 workers in the UK and abroad, with tailors and warehouses based in Nigeria and the UK. They take pride in sourcing materials and manufacturing the outfits locally in Nigeria. The brand has grown to be one of the biggest african inspired clothing wear globally.

The core mission of M.A.Dkollection is to create vibrant, chic, and contemporary pieces that caters to all genders, races, and body types, offering a glimpse into Ifiok's personal style and cultural heritage. "I aim for anyone wearing M.A.Dkollection to not only experience comfort but also exude elegance and feel regal in our garments."